"To inquire about reading the feature script and
marketing materials, please contact Tina."

Tina Field Howe has been writing for many years. She began with short stories and poetry and worked her way up to novels and a children’s picture book. She dabbled in screenwriting off and on but didn’t begin to dedicate her time to writing screenplays until just a few years ago. She has completed several screenwriting intensive courses, including a master’s program, and has participated in conferences and pitch fests. She has one script in development with a producer, is pitching a TV show adapted from her novels, and is collaborating on a show with a fellow writer. Her scripts have won numerous awards, as have her novels, children’s picture book, and full-cast audio books. She is self-taught in audio production and performs this plus creative copywriting projects for corporations. She is also a student mentor and creativity coach for writers, artists, and creatives of all types. Tina lives in the quiet village of Waverly, NY and is fortunate to live in the family home her great-grandparents built in 1904. She finds relaxation through organic vegetable gardening and oil painting. 




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